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Marketing Guides for Small Businesses is a publisher of books, podcasts, and premium content available to help your small business compete and win against larger competitors.

Have you ever wished you had a personal business advisor to help your small business thrive? Marketing Guides for Small Business is a publisher of books, podcasts, and premium content comprised of multiple authors who are seasoned marketing consultants dedicated to the growth and marketing of small businesses. Together, they have published several guides for small business owners to grow their businesses.

Each of them brings unique business and marketing expertise to the table as well as decades of experience helping small businesses compete and win against larger competitors.

Books Available through Marketing Guides for Small Businesses

Each book that is part of the Marketing Guides collection provides practical strategies small business owners can use today to take their businesses to the next level. 

Local SEO: Proven Strategies & Tips for Better Local Google Rankings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could generate new business leads every single day? Chances are that you have been working on your online marketing campaigns for quite some time. But maybe you’re still not getting the results you really want. What if you could count on generating new LOCAL traffic to your website every day? That wish can easily become reality with Local SEO. As you read the book and follow the steps outlined in each chapter, you will see your new Local SEO strategy begin to take shape. Every section builds upon the previous one and results in a complete Local SEO optimization plan that any business can successfully implement. It’s the perfect way to bring scores of new local clients to your company. Claiming a bigger share of your local market becomes so much easier with the power of Local SEO at your fingertips.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could drive a steady stream of highly-targeted visitors to your website at will? Not just any targeted visitors; we’re talking about the kind of prospects who are in the right place (near you) at the right time (ready to buy). And what if the cost to get your offer in front of each of these prospective buyers was pennies on the dollar compared with the sales revenue they’ll bring in? Piece of cake, if you know how to use Google AdWords the right way. Of course, if you do it the wrong way, you’ll lose your shirt. Through this book, you’ll discover exactly how to help people find your business online at the exact moment they’re looking for the products and services you sell – the right way. This is the definitive guide for local businesses that want to use Pay Per Click ads on Google to ramp up sales.

Reputation Management: Proven Strategies & Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management is more complicated than just having good manners in how you deal with your customers, and eating the occasional crow sandwich when your best intentions fall short. Every business needs to set up and implement processes for listening to what’s being said – and knowing how to respond in ways that bring you out on top rather than dragging you down in public. But you also need to take steps now, before your reputation ever comes under fire, to build a hedge of protection around your online reputation. In this easy-to-understand guide, you’ll learn exactly how to get started protecting your online reputation today.