Marketing Guides for Small Businesses Email Marketing eBook.

Marketing Guides for Small Businesses
Email Marketing

Coming Soon in 2021

In the latest addition to the Marketing Guides For Small Businesses series, we focus on one of the highest R.O.I marketing activities a small business owner can take Email Marketing. Far from dead, Email Marketing only continues to grow in importance for businesses around the world.

In the book, you’ll discover:

  • What Email Marketing looks like today.
  • How a small investment in Email Marketing can lead to massive returns.
  • The crucial Email Marketing campaigns every business must have.
  • Who, what, why, & how of list segmentation
  • How to writing the perfect e-mail
  • And much more..

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Death and Rebirth of E-Mail Marketing

Chapter 2: What is Marketing Automation?

Chapter 3: Fueling the Customer Journey with Content

Chapter 4: Building the Perfect Email

Chapter 5: Building a Follow up Machine – (Trigger Events)

Chapter 6: Segmentation

Chapter 7: What is considered SPAM?

Chapter 8: Who Can I Send e-mails too?

Chapter 9: The Difference between a basic E-mail Service Provider and a Marketing Automation Platform

Chapter 10: Conclusion 

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