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Ian Cantle is a seasoned marketing strategist with a wealth of experience that spans over two decades in the marketing industry.

As the President and Chief Marketing Strategist of Outsourced Marketing Inc. and the founder of Dental Marketing Heroes, Ian has dedicated his career to helping businesses, especially in the dental sector, achieve remarkable growth through effective marketing strategies.

His journey began after identifying and resolving persistent marketing challenges faced by dental practitioners, leading him to establish Dental Marketing Heroes to specifically cater to the unique needs of this industry.

With a robust background in national and international corporate marketing, Ian left his corporate role in 2015 to start Outsourced Marketing Inc., where he focuses on both the thinking and execution aspects of marketing.

His expertise lies in building Marketing Growth Engines that are known to generate high ROI and growth for his clients. Ian's approach is results-driven, allowing business owners, particularly dentists and trades people, to concentrate on their core operations while he and his team handle their marketing needs.

Ian and his team of marketing heroes are very proud of their accomplishments and have won many awards related to SEO, Web Design, and have also won the award as a National Excellence Award Winner twice in a four year span.

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