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Big ideas are easy. Executing on them is hard.

Get the most effective marketing execution team in North America on your side.

Jen Kelly leads New Initiatives Marketing Inc.,(NIM) a marketing and sales services company.

NIM works across North America, servicing three distinct customer groups:

1. Small/medium sized companies who don’t have an existing marketing team – we become your marketing team.

2. Enterprise sized companies who have an in-house marketing team and are challenged with hiring freezes, skill gaps and teams over capacity – we become your marketing teams’ execution support to get campaigns out the door.

3. Marketing agencies who focus only on client strategy and want a reliable partner to execute on their strategy – we become their marketing execution team.

Jen and the team created, developed and launched a profitable SaaS called Nimble Quotes. This service posts inspirational and motivational quotes to subscribers social media accounts as if they’ve posted the quotes themselves. Content as a service – saving time and spreading joy. We can’t talk business all the time, so famous motivational quotes can be a way to connect emotionally with an online audience you are wanting to build rapport with.

Prior to starting NIM in 2009, Jen gained 17 years’ experience in the marketing departments at tier one companies in Canada and abroad working for brands such as the Financial Times UK in London, Siemens and Motorola.

A keen interest in international business led her to pack her bags for Dublin, Ireland and later, London, UK to experience living and working overseas in a professional capacity. Three years abroad deepened her understanding of other cultures, international business and an appreciation for how complex effective global marketing can be.

NIM is currently accepting new clients and is a WEBE certified supplier (since 2017) and can be a valuable addition to your diverse supply chain. 

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